Brian Burchfield
Brian Burchfield 2015 
Brian Burchfield is from Surgoinsville, TN. He started singing at the age of
two with his family, The Caltons (known as The Singing C's) He got saved
at the age of nine and started writing songs at the age of twelve. He was
called to preach in 2002 and is an evangelist also. Brian graduated from
Volunteer High School in the top 25 of his class and won the Sam L. Taylor
scholarship. He went to college at the Walters State Community College,
Draughons Junior College, East Tn x-ray school and The University Of
Tennessee. He also graduated valedictorian in his class. In 1998 he won
the summer youth worker of the year in Hawkins County, TN His first full
time group position was in 1991 with The Singing Crisps. In 1994 he
started Divine Purpose for ten years and five of those were full time. He
used to do bookings in the early 1990's for Buck Rambo of the Rambos,
The Ruppes, and Mike Bowling's family group, Family Tradition, among
countless others. He also booked fill in dates for The Singing Cookes, The
Whisnants, Naomi & The Segos and The Melody Trio to name a few. He
has promoted numerous concerts with The McKameys. He sang for the
Australian rowing team for the Atlanta Olympics. He has also sang on TBN
(Trinity Broadcasting Network) He won the listeners choice award for the
song, "The Grave Can't Hold Me." He recently had songs published by
Crossroads Music Group and is associated with BMI. He has been a
member of The Southern Gospel Music Association, The Gospel Music
Association, The Southern Gospel Music Guild and Tennessee Association
of Fairs.
Brian joined The Melody Trio in October of 2004 after the members of
Divine Purpose decided to work in their home church and to be with
families. While with The Melody Trio he wrote and sung lead on the number
one song " I Know I'm Saved". He records and writes for the Eddie Crook
Company , Morning Star Records of Nashville, Tennessee and for BMI of
Nashville, Tennessee.  he was nominated for the Horizon Award, Song Of
The Year, and for Group of the Year with The Melody Trio for the Eddie
He wrote and sung these charting songs: " I Know I'm Saved " , " I Thought
You'd Like To Know " , " Lord You're The Only One For Me " , " He's Always
There " and " The Knee Route ". This is a full time ministry and ministers to
the lost and hurting with words of encouragement for the christian
Preacher, Singer, Songwriter.
For God so
loved the
world, that he
gave his only
begotten Son,
believeth in
him should
not perish, but
For God sent
not his Son
into the world
to condemn
the world; but
that the world
through him
might be
John 3:16-17